Mike May
Mike May
Illustrator, Senior Concept Artist Zenimax Online Studios
New Freedom, United States

Hi! I'm Mike! I have been working in games since the beginning of 1997, and I have had my hand in every art-related aspect of development, excluding Special Effects. I have spent the last 14+ years in concept and UI, the previous 3 years specializing as a character and texture artist: before that, I was not specialized at all- I worked for studios that had each artist wear many hats... I've been a concept artist, modeler, texture artist, animator, and game play designer on a single game, more than once; but that's how things were back then! If I had to pick something I'd consider my top strength, I'd say Illustrative Icons (abilities, skills, quest items, equipment, resources, etc).

My personal work runs the gamut, from darkly-themed and detailed pieces, to zany caricatured characters, to elaborate free associative works.

I'm very comfortable with traditional media as well as digital. My particular analog strengths are in pencil, ink, and acrylics. I excel at Photoshop, Painter, and Zbrush, in regard to digital.

I constantly experiment with varying methods and tools, which keep me excited about art, as there is an unending means of exploring ways of an unceasing need to create; each connecting with me in an important, though varied and unique way.

Some of my best work is personal; much of it is my personal touch on an assignment, but almost entirely a product of humbling art direction. I place enormous value on feedback from my leads and peers; they enable me to push past boundaries I never knew where there, and are painfully obvious in hindsight.


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  • Concept Artist at Zenimax Online Studios
    Hunt Valley
    November 2007 - Present

    At Zenimax, I get to draw all manner of fun things necessary to give detailed immersion to character, environment, function, and so on.